Since its inception in 1956, FASE has designed and built measuring instruments according to the highest standards of precision and reliability.
To achieve this objective, FASE uses qualified personnel who take care of every production phase. A constant commitment that leads to the creation of excellent products and always in compliance with current regulations, in order to guarantee full customer satisfaction.
Inspections and tests are carried out for each product, so as to maintain a high standard of product quality and reliability. There are two production plants, for a total surface area of 850 m2.
FASE also creates tools and equipment based on the customer’s specifications or technical drawings.

  • Analog and digital electrical measuring instruments.

  • Voltage and alternating current transformers.

  • Shunts for DC – Measurement converters – Pressure and temperature sensors.

  • Electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Microprocessor electronic instrumentation for railway applications.

  • Command and control panels.

  • Lighted warning panels.

  • Newly produced LED light signals.

  • Interior lighting technology with LED technology (spotlights, spotlights, ceiling lights).

  • Customer-specific lighting systems.


Since 1999, FASE has adopted procedures and instructions, implementing and maintaining a quality system that meets the ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements.


Over the years FASE has obtained various approvals: these have made the company one of the leaders in the instrumentation market.

  • FS (Supplier Register Registration No. 00096)
  • R.I.N.A
  • NATO (Code A8870)


Ferrovie dello Stato Approval
Supplier Register Entry No. 00096


NATO Approval
Code A8870